Dunlossit  offers both loch fishing – from the bank or boats - and salmon fishing on the River Laggan. 

All bookings for fishing, whether by boat or bank, must be arranged via the estate office. A permit is required for anyone fishing on the estate, and is available from the estate office. If bookings are required for a Saturday please book beforehand as the office is not manned on a Saturday. Fishing is not permitted on a Sunday.

All fishing is by fly only and we don’t permit spinning, bait fishing or lead weights.

Please contact the estate office for any further information, booking and permits.

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Loch Fishing 

There are seven lochs on Dunlossit, each with a thriving stock of native brown trout. The trout fishing season is from 15th March until 6th October.

All the lochs are easily accessible on foot, and four of them very accessible by car. We have a number of boats available to let on a daily basis, with one boat being specially adapted for use by wheelchair users and the infirm, available at Ballygrant Loch. All our boats are regularly checked, however they are used at your own risk.

To help regulate the number of fishers on the water, we have a system of permits for loch fishing please contact the estate office for further information on permits.

We encourage catch and release unless foul hooked.

River Fishing

The Laggan is a traditional spate river with the best fishing from 1st July through to 31st October.

We have a total of thirty pools, lying along three beats, beats one and two can be fished from both banks; beat three from the south bank only. Our beats extend for two and a half miles upstream from the Laggan Bridge on the Port Ellen – Bridgend road, with access and parking at both ends. Each beat is restricted to two rods with the exception of beat three which has one rod available.

Only fly fishing is allowed and legally we must operate a catch and release policy for conservation purposes.